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Stump the Experts Panel

  • Speakers: Jamil ZainasheffJohn PalmerMike "Tasty" McDole
  • Track: Other/Misc.
  • Homebrew Con 2018
  • Portland, OR

Bring your toughest questions to this panel discussion with renowned homebrewers Jamil Zainasheff, John Palmer, and Tasty McDole. Want to know about high gravity brewing, or carbonation techniques, or maybe even… dare we say… New England IPA? This expert panel is ready for your questions. No homebrewing topic is off…

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Fast Lager Yeast Fermentations

  • Speaker: Mike "Tasty" McDole
  • Track: Brewing Process
  • Homebrew Con 2016
  • Baltimore, MD

Mike “Tasty” McDole describes shortening the fermentation and maturation time for cold fermented beers. By increasing the fermentation temperature during primary fermentation, "lager" beers can be produced in times more commonly associated with ales.

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Brewing Consistency: Identifying and Controlling the Variables

  • Speaker: Mike "Tasty" McDole
  • Track: Recipe Formulation & Improvement
  • Homebrew Con 2014
  • Grand Rapids, MI

Do you feel like you’re getting inconsistent results from brew to brew? Mike “Tasty” McDole is well known for expounding the benefits of brewing consistency and how consistency matters in making quality, recipe-driven homebrew. This seminar will identify variables that affect consistency and ways to remove or control them.

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