All-Grain (Batch Sparge) Homebrewing Video Tutorial

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Part 1: In the first video of the Introduction To All-Grain Brewing video series, American Homebrewers Association Director Gary Glass offers an overview of the all-grain homebrewing process and discusses the topics that will be covered in the series. Watch part 2 for an overview of how malt is used in the brewing process.

Part 2: Before jumping into all-grain homebrewing, it is important to understand a key ingredient that you may have had little experience with: malted grains. American Homebrewers Association Director Gary Glass discusses malted grains as a brewing ingredient, and covers the basics of how it is implemented in the all-grain homebrewing process.

Part 3: All-grain brewing requires the use of certain pieces of equipment and instruments. American Homebrewers Association Director Gary Glass covers the equipment needed to complete an all-grain brew, and suggests a few additional gadgets that can make your brew day even more successful.

Part 4: When all-grain homebrewing, a mash tun is needed to conduct the mash and separate the liquid wort from the grain solids. American Homebrewers Association Director Gary Glass walks you through the steps to building a cheap and easy mash tun out of a rectangular picnic cooler.

Part 5: Batch sparging is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get into all-grain brewing. American Homebrewers Association Director Gary Glass explains an example mash and sparge process during an all-grain brew day. Follow along and brew great beer!

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