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Homebrew Events

Participating in local homebrew events is great way to connect with your brewing community. Join the fun with these yearly events to help you grow your business!

Big Brew

Happy homebrewers celebrating Big Brew.

Big Brew

Celebrate National Homebrew Day by participating in AHA Big Brew. Held on the first Saturday in May, AHA Big Brew brings together homebrewers around the world to brew one of the official recipes in an act of homebrew solidarity. Hosting a public event will allow you to interact with your local homebrew community and bring in a crowd toy our establishment.

Mead Day

Educate your customers about the oldest known fermented beverage, mead, by celebrating AHA Mead Day on the first Saturday of August. This is a great way to interact with both beer and wine makers in your community. Learn more about AHA Mead Day and mix up a batch of honey wine with your local community. A history lesson has never tasted so good!

Learn to Homebrew Day

Who doesn’t want to learn how to make beer? Host a Learn to Homebrew Day event and spread the joys of homebrewing while bringing potential new customers to your business. Learn to Homebrew Day is intended to teach the new and prospective brewers how easy it is to make beer at home and encourage a passion in homebrewing.

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