The Joy of Brewing

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Everyone remembers the first time they rushed to the homebrew store in a panic to buy a blow-off tube. A hot coat closet fermentation combined with the cylinder lock from your first homebrew kit, and a few hours later, ALL of your formerly nice shirts smelled strongly of simcoe hop pellets and half fermented pale malt.

While the hours spent scrubbing wort splatter off the walls might have scared some people off, you decided to find a solution, to double down, to innovate and problem solve in a way that only brewers can. Rather than give up, you bought some new work shirts, headed back to the homebrew store, bought another extract kit, and tried again and again.


Because accompanying every “violently exploding pale ale” moment there’s a “your first sorta kinda drinkable beer” moment, and that’s the journey that drives everyone who has ever mixed malt, hops, water, and yeast with whatever other crazy ingredients they could think of.

The Start of Samuel Adams

That path described above is the same one Jim Koch followed back in 1984 when he unceremoniously ditched a consulting career to brew an obscure family beer recipe…in his kitchen. While a lot has changed since those early days, a lot also remains the same: Sam Adams passion, drive, and a love for sharing a pint with our beer family and community when the brew day is done.

And whether you’re brewing with a 100bbl system or a mash tunn made out of an Igloo cooler, we’re all motivated by the same thing; the desire to explore, innovate, and meet challenges head on.

Samuel Adams has been staring down and overcoming these challenges for over 37 years. Our commitment to brewing great beers that everyone can enjoy is the same today as it was when we were just a homebrewing twinkle in one man’s eye. From Boston Lager, to the Seasonal portfolio, to [even] boundary-pushing beers like Utopias, we [will always] believe beer is for everyone, and we welcome one and all into our brewing family.

Keep innovating and let’s grab beers sometime, eh?


The Sam Adams Team

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