Urban UFO

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Adam Glaser of Fort Collins, CO, member of the Rock Hoppers Brew Club, won a gold medal in Category #23: Specialty Beer during the 2011 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in San Diego, CA. Glaser’s Specialty Beer was chosen as the best among 346 final round entries in the category.

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Urban UFO | English Barleywine


  • For 10 Gallons (37.85 L)
    • 40.0 lb (18.14 kg) Maris Otter pale malt
    • 1.5 lb (0.68 kg) British light crystal malt
    • 1.0 lb (0.45 kg) British medium crystal malt
    • 1.0 lb (0.45 kg) British dark crystal malt
    • 0.5 lb (227 g) amber malt
    • 2.5 oz (71 g) Magnum whole hops, 14% a.a. (90 min)
    • 2.0 oz (57 g) EK Golding whole hops, 5% a.a. (30 min)
    • 1.0 oz (28 g) EK Golding whole hops, 5% a.a. (15 min)
    • White Labs WLP099 Super High Gravity ale yeast starter


    • Original Gravity: 1.123
    • Final Gravity: 1.016
    • ABV: 14.04%
    • IBU: 53.5
    • SRM: 16.2


    1. Mash in at 154° F (68° C) for 60 min. Mash out at 168° F (76° C) for 10 minutes. Sparge until runnings hit 3 degrees Plato. Boil for as long as it takes to get within 90 minutes of completing boil. Add hops according to schedule. Oxygenate well and ferment at 68° F (20° C) for as long as it takes to complete. Rack beer from primary into clean 6.5 gal carboys. Place in freezer and slowly freeze over at least two days. Do not freeze until solid! Once a little more than half the beer is frozen, rack the remaining liquid into a keg; this should be about 5 gallons. Thaw the remainder for a second much weaker beer. Age for as long as you possibly can. ABV before eising should be about 14%, after eising it will be about 25% given some loss to the frozen portion.
    2. Primary fermentation at 68° F (20° C).
    3. Forced CO2 to carbonate (2.4 vol).