A Guide to Coffee (and Coffee Beer) for Homebrewers

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coffee beer alongside coffee beans

Coffee and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Individually, the two beverages claim some of the most passionate followers who pine over different styles, processes, and stories.

Together, coffee and beer blend to create a world of interesting flavor adventures. Stouts and porters have stepped into the role of go-to styles when devising a coffee beer, but the opportunities are endless as brewers explore new styles and innovations that bring coffee into the beer-drinking experience.

Brewing coffee beers at home is fun and easy! Use the resources below to learn how to roast your own coffee, how to prepare coffee to be used in beer, and how to homebrew a coffee beer.

coffee beans at different roast levels

How to Roast Coffee at Home

Homebrewers are typically DIY-ers by nature, so Zymurgy magazine editor-in-chief Dave Carpenter shares a method for roasting coffee at home. The process emphasizes conducting the process without needing a small fortune.

Learn how to roast coffee >

cold brew coffee being poured into glass of ice

How to Cold Brew Coffee

Making a quality cup of cold brew coffee isn’t as simple as refrigerating a pot of hot-brewed joe.

Cold brew coffee is not only great for making a delicious iced coffee, but it’s also one of the best ways to prepare coffee to be added to your next homebrew recipe.

How to cold brew coffee >

glass of beer with coffee beans

11 Coffee Beer Recipes

Coffee continues to earn its title as one of the most popular adjuncts used in beer recipes. We’ve compiled 11 recipes that explore the ways to incorporate coffee into your next homebrew recipe.

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