Pulque: Mexico’s Ancient Fermented Beverage

By Duncan Bryant, American Homebrewers Association

Pulque is a Mexican beverage that is said to be the oldest fermented drink known to North America. Made from the fermented nectar of agave, this ancient elixir born in divine mysticism has evolved to a beer-like libation that is still brewed today.

Sacred and Healing

Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of agave’s use dating back 9,000 years ago, and as the main source of sugar in pulque, the alcoholic drink was not far behind. At the age of the Aztec Empire, fermented agave nectar was said to be a gift of the goddess connected to the moon, fertility and nutrition, Mayahuel. One of her gifts to humankind was pulque, which took on mystical qualities due to its divine origins. In a time when fermentation was attributed to an act of the supernatural, it was said …

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