AHA Governing Committee

Officers and Board Designates

  • Chair Person: Jill Marilley
  • Vice Chair: Shawna Cormier
  • Secretary: Elmer “Goose” Steingass
  • Brewers Association Board Designate: Roxanne Westendorf
  • Brewers Association Board Designate: Open

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Governing Committee (GC) is an advisory committee to the AHA Staff and Brewers Association Board of Directors.

The members of the Governing Committee are elected by the members of the AHA and charged with shaping the policy and activities on their behalf. View the AHA Governing Committee Bylaws.

The Governing Committee also appoints two members as designates to the Brewers Association Board of Directors. View the Brewers Association Bylaws.

Contact the AHA Governing Committee.

Access the Governing Committee monthly meeting note summaries.

2022 Governing Committee Election

The results of the 2022 AHA Governing Committee election are in! We are excited to welcome Matt Bolling, Melissa McCann, and Doug Piper. Newly elected members take their seats in June.

2020 Results

In 2020, there are five (5) available seats in the AHA Governing Committee election. AHA members can cast their vote by March 31, 2020.

2019 Meeting Notes

The AHA Governing Committee meets during Homebrew Con for an annual in-person meeting.

Current Governing Committee Members

Jen Blair*

Charlotte, NC

Sandy Cockerham*

Indianapolis, IN

Denny Conn**

Noti, OR

Shawna Cormier***

Seattle, WA

Chris P Frey*

Asheville, NC

Chris Hummert***

Salem, OR

Annie Johnson***

Seattle, WA

Jill Marilley***

Everett, WA

Amy Martin***

Frankfort, MI

Gail Milburn***

Dearborn, MI

Donna Reuter**

Akron, OH

Cassie Salinas***

Seattle, WA

Elmer Steingass***

Wooster, OH

Roxanne Westendorf***

Cincinnatti, OH

Carvin Wilson**

Mesa, AZ

*Term ends May 2024

**Term ends May 2022

***Term ends May 2023


Subcommittees consist of representatives of the AHA staff, AHA Governing Committee members, and volunteer AHA members.

Club Support

Mission: Provide the AHA with ideas and advice to support and enhance current and potential AHA recognized homebrew clubs.

Members: Martin Brungard (co-chair), Jill Marilley (co-chair), Drew Beechum, Duncan Bryant, Elmer Steingass, Roxanne Westendorf, and Kathy Yan Li. Contact the Club Support subcommittee.


Mission: Sets the rules for the National Homebrew Competition and evaluate how to improve the competition experience and operations.

Members: Sandy Cockerham (chair), Gail Milburn (co-chair), Don Blake, Mike Brennan, Martin Brungard, Bruce Buerger, Amanda Burkemper, Michael Bury, Shawna Cormier, Phil Farrell, Janis Gross, Dennis Mitchell, John Moorhead, Sal Mortillaro, Jeff Rankert, Susan Ruud, Tom Schmidlin, and Kathy Yan Li. Contact the Competitions subcommittee.

Content & Resources

Mission: Provides input to Zymurgy and HomebrewersAssociation.org staff and other groups as needed.

Members: Debbie Cerda and Denny Conn (co-chairs), Fred Bonjour, Martin Brungard, Duncan Bryant, Dave Carpenter, Shawna Cormier, Phil Farrell, Chris Frey, Jim Homer, Ron Price, Jeff Rankert, Amahl Turczyn Scheppach, Tom Schmidlin, Elmer Steingass, Sean Terill, Chip Walton, Roxanne Westendorf, Kathy Yan Li, Cassie Salinas, and Annie Zipser. Contact the Content & Resources subcommittee.


Mission: Provide the AHA with ideas and advice to create a more diverse membership, inclusive community, and enhance member benefits for everyone. View the strategic plan.

Members: Debbie Cerda & Roxanne Westendorf (co-chairs), Duncan Bryant, Robb Burden, Dave Carpenter, Evan Comeaux, Shawna Cormier, Kiley Gwynn, Ignacio Magos, Brandon Mines, Anthony Salazar, Sarah Townsend, Cassie Salinas, Megan Wabst, and Carvin Wilson. Contact the Diversity subcommittee.

Government Affairs

Mission: To advise AHA Governing Committee, staff, and members on homebrew related legislative and regulatory issues.

Members: Julia Herz (chair), Drew Beechum, Duncan Bryant, Debbie Cerda, Kevin Dill, Phil Farrell, Dan Grady, Craig Hendry, Jill Marilley, Brian Reuwer, Elmer Steingass, Brant Warren, Douglas Wawrzynski, Reuben Gottlieb and Kathy Yan Li. Contact the Government Affairs subcommittee.

Homebrew Con Seminars

Mission: To guide the topics and content at Homebrew Con, based on what AHA members believe are the most important issues and topics for the homebrewing community that year.

Members: Geoff Billiu, Jen Blair, Duncan Bryant, Colin Burton, Dave Carpenter, Sandy Cockerham, Shawna Cormier, Chris Frey, Kiley Gwynn, Julia Herz, Chris Hummert, Annie Johnson, Kaylyn Kirkpatrick, Patrick Laflin, Kathy Li, Jill Marilley, Gail Milburn, Brandon Mines, Chuck Skypeck, MacKenzie Staples, Megan Wabst and Roxanne Westendorf. Learn more about the Homebrew Con Seminar subcommittee.


Mission: Foster better communication between the AHA and industry entities, as well as provide resources, assistance, and guidance to the AHA based on concerns brought forward by said members of the homebrewing industry.

Members: Jen Blair (chair), Reed Antis, John Blichmann, Mike Brennan, Tony Ferlotti, Bryan Johnson, Chris Manzi, Chris Opela, Todd Jackson, David Wonder, and David Stuart. Contact the Industry subcommittee.

Surveys & Communication

Mission: Support the AHA and other sub-committees by providing data and member input to feed into our programs and activities. Provide a best practice and act as a sounding board on AHA communications to membership.

Members: Roxanne Westendorf (chair), Fred Bonjour, Paul Curran, Chris Frey, Jake Keeler, Justin McLeod, Susan Rankert, Kim Wood, and Kathy Yan Li. Contact the Surveys & Communication subcommittee.

Emeritus Members

  • Ray Daniels (Chicago, IL)
  • Fred Eckhardt (Portland, OR) – In memorium
  • Randy Mosher (Chicago, IL)