AHA Governing Committee Proposes Changes to Bylaws

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The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Governing Committee—a body of 15 individuals elected by members to represent the greater AHA membership—is proposing amendments to the Governing Committee Bylaws. These bylaws outline the roles, dynamics, and rules of being an acting AHA Governing Committee members.

To download the document of proposed AHA Governing Committee Bylaw updates, click the button below. If you have any feedback to share, please reach out to the American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee.

Overview of Amendments

  • Added additional wording to the definition the goals of the Governing Committee and clarified meeting attendance requirements (Article II, Section 1)
  • Redefined the eligibility rules for a person seeking to run for a seat on the Governing Committee (Article II,Section 2).
  • Changed the number of terms a person may serve on the Governing Committee to a maximum of three terms, either consecutive or non-consecutive.  (Article II, Section 4)
  • Clarifies the definition of Emeritus Members (Article II, Section 7).
  • Renames Committees to Sub-Committees (Article III)
  • Officially adds the Secretary and the AHA staff liaison as members of the Executive Committee (Article III)
  • Clarifies notification issues and voting methods for sub-committees (Article III).