Get the Big Brew 2023 Official Bottle Label

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big brew nearly nirvana pale ale bottle

The American Homebrewers Association’s annual Big Brew for National Homebrew Day event is coming up. Access the Big Brew 2023 recipe–Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale–and download a free bottle label design to make your Big Brew batch official! 

How to Access the Big Brew Bottle Label

New for this year, the American Homebrewers Association is excited to provide a download (PDF and PNG) of a bottle label design for Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale.

Download the file, print it out, and stick it on!

Need some tips on how to affix the label to a beer bottle? Here are a few options:

  • Milk. Yup, you read that right. Print the label on standard printer paper, brush the back with a thin layer of milk and press the label to the glass bottle. This method makes for easy de-labeling when reusing the bottles!
  • Adhesive paper. Purchasing special printer paper or label sheets can make the process as simple as peel-and-stick!
  • Function over Fashion. If the options are limited, there’s no harm in using a trusty roll of transparent tape to attach your paper labels.

About the Design

The eye-catching design of the bottle label is a creation of artist Zach Minard, a Colorado resident not too far from the American Homebrewers Association headquarters.

Below, Minard shares the inspiration behind the Nearly Nirvana label design and a look into the conception process. 

“Our goal was to bring all the quirk and craft of homebrewing into the design for this year’s Big Brew. We started by exploring some fun ways to bring the nearly Nearly Nirvana name to life, ranging from showing ingredients to having my dog Maggie jump for the beer in search of Nirvana. In the end, we selected a badge that is built around an all-seeing eye. Traditional beer labels inspire the final badge shape, but with a modern edge and custom typography crafted from scratch just like every batch of homebrewed beer inside.”

big brew nearly nirvana pale ale label sketches
Photo Credit: Zach Minard

Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale Recipe

The official Big Brew 2023 recipe is Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale. From homebrewer and AHA Governing Committee member Chris P. Frey, Nearly Nirvana is Frey’s rendition of the ever-popular Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Access the homebrew recipe for Nearly Nirvana pale ale, including the story behind developing this delicious American pale ale.