Homebrew Con Seminars

Homebrew Con is an annual event hosted by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA). The conference includes dozens of seminars on beer, mead, and cider. Join the AHA to gain access to Homebrew Con seminars dating back to 2012. You won’t find a resource like this anywhere else!

Imbibing in Ancient Iberia: Celtic to Flemish Brewing and Beyond

  • Speaker: Travis Rupp
  • Track: Historical
  • Homebrew Con 2018
  • Portland, OR

At the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Homebrew Cons, we examined the world of brewing in the ancient Near East, Mediterranean, and Europe. This year we move to ancient Iberia and examine the development of caelia, an ancient beer that predated the Roman conquest of Spain in 206 BCE. As an … Read More

Saluting the Ancient Purveyors and Preservers of Beer! Brewing on the Borders of Greek and Roman Dominion

  • Speaker: Travis Rupp
  • Track: Historical
  • Homebrew Con 2017
  • Minneapolis, MN

Ancient sources discuss beer as an invention of the barbarians of Northern Europe and the savages of the Near East. This presentation explores those peoples of Northern Europe known to have produced and preserved beer culture under Roman and Greek oppression. Travis Rupp will explore ancient brewing conventions of British, … Read More

The Beginnings of Beer in the Ancient World

  • Speaker: Travis Rupp
  • Track: Historical
  • Homebrew Con 2015
  • San Diego, CA

This presentation will examine the beginnings of beer production in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean. Specifically, it will survey the domestication of barley and wheat in ancient Sumeria and Egypt, which was conceived for early beer production. It will then examine the impact on later Greek and Roman beer … Read More