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Farm to Kettle Lessons from Generations of Malting Quality: How a Malt of Reputation Will Take Your Homebrew From “Good” to Great” | Presented by BSG Handcraft

  • Speaker: Mike Brennan
  • Track: Sponsored
  • Homebrew Con 2021
  • Online

Every homebrewer who will have their name announced as a medal-winner at this year’s National Homebrew Competition Awards Ceremony shares one thing in common – they understand the need to use world-class malt in their homebrew. Excellent homebrew comes from excellent ingredients. The best homebrewers understand that the difference between “good”…

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Hop Topic! Making Sense of Terpens, Thiols, and Biotransformation in the Quest for Unique Hop Expression

  • Speaker: Mike Brennan
  • Track: Ingredients
  • Homebrew Con 2020

Brewing modern, hop-forward beer styles requires us to look beyond alpha acids and focus on hop oils, their constituents, and how addition timing and fermentation processes affect hop aroma. Centered around the latest hops research, we will examine several families of hop compounds and their contributions to bitterness, flavor, and…

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