Tuesday Beer Trivia: IPA Styles

Test your knowledge on the many styles of the ever-popular IPA in this week’s Tuesday Beer Trivia quiz.

Dry-hopped, wet-hopped, high-gravity, sessionable, delicious… All are ways we can describe the India pale ale. Test your knowledge on brewing the various styles of IPA in this week’s trivia.

After you take the Beer Trivia quiz below, scroll down to the “Beer Trivia Answer Explanations” section to learn more about India pale ales.

Beer Trivia Answer Explanations

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The following explanations are taken from IPA by Mitch Steele and Brewing Classic Styles  by Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer

Question 1:

When brewing a double IPA, most brewers agree that the key is using ingredients and processes that bring out the hops in the beer. It’s important to understand that alcohol adds body and a perception of fullness or sweetness that can detract from hop character if the beer is much over 10 percent ABV.

Question 2: 

The triple IPA had some false starts as far as style definitions, but these specs describe it best. Among the best and most popular current styles is Russian River’s Pliny the Younger, which goes through 4 stages of dry hopping.

Question 3: 

The English IPA is the original style from which other variations are derived. They typically use traditional British hops like Fuggles or Goldings for a grassy and light citrus character. British IPAs are usually between 5 percent and 7 percent ABV.

Question 4: 

Session IPAs have become a more recent trend in American brewing, in which the beer contains 5 percent or less alcohol by volume but is hopped like a traditional American IPA. Blending many varieties of hops in the dry hop is an effective brewing technique that adds levels of complexity that might not be found by using only one variety in a lower-alcohol ale.

Question 5: 

Hops that are more tropical and fruit heavy, such as Amarillo, seem to work better with Belgian yeast flavors than a piney hop like Simcoe.

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