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july/august 2020 zymurgy cover
July/August 2020

The July/August Zymurgy is now available! Check out the featured stories, such as Coffee Beer: Brew With Your Brew, Carbon Dioxide: It’s a Gas, Homebrewing One Spreadsheet at a Time, and more in the new issue.

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About Zymurgy

Cover Story

coffee beer

Brew with Your Brew

By Brandon Whalen

Brewers and baristas often start their days similarly—before the sun rises, coffee in hand. We don’t know who first had the idea to mix coffee with beer, but we’re glad they did. From roast to extraction, learn how to infuse your beer with the best of the bean.

Zymurgy: July/August 2020

Carbon Dioxide: It’s a Gas

Odorless, colorless, and tasteless, carbon dioxide is a simple molecule—just two oxygen atoms connected to a central carbon atom—but its interactions with water, beer, and other gases can be complex and interesting. Your beer wouldn’t be the same without it.

Zymurgy: July/August 2020

Homebrewing, One Spreadsheet At a Time

What goes on behind the scenes in those “black box” brewing calculators? How do they go from a list of malts and hops to values for gravity and bitterness? Building your own calculator is easier than you think, and it can teach you a great deal about your beer.

Zymurgy: July/August 2020

In a Great Land

Long before most Americans had ever heard of social distancing, Alaskans knew staying home was often a sensible thing to do. Venturing out into the winter without a good reason to do so could be hazardous. Like many of us, they homebrew to stay connected. We can all relate to their stories.

Recipes in this Issue

  • Vegan Kimchi
  • Simply Bone Idle Best Bitter
  • Nilsson American Wheat Ale with Coconut
  • Don’t Mess with Texas American Brown Ale
  • Uber German Pilsner
  • All Fuggled Up Porter
  • Grayscale Coffee Viena Lager
  • Surly Coffee Bender
  • Bubs and Pops
  • West Seattle Amber Ale
  • Spruced Up AK Pale
  • Biere de Garde

Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Dave Carpenter

Dave brewed his first batch in 2009 and started writing about beer soon thereafter. In addition to geeking out on beer and language, Dave enjoys hiking, traveling, and other gerunds as well. Email Dave