July/August 2021

The July/August 2021 Zymurgy is now available! Check out featured stories including Optimizing Mash Temperature, Gravimetric Monitoring of Fermentation, Sake: Molded and Polished, and Traditional Mead Steps for Success.

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About Zymurgy

Cover Story

mash temperature

Optimizing Mash Temperature

By Chris Pinnock

You may have left science and algebra behind at school with some relief, but here you’ll learn a practical application of both that you can use in your homebrewing. Calculate mash infusions with confidence!

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beer krausen during fermentation

Zymurgy: July/August 2021

Gravimetric Monitoring of Fermentation

Tracking fermentation helps you understand how well your yeast is performing and know when it has finished its job. Most brewers rely on hydrometers or refractometers, but what if you could weigh the fermenter instead?

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sake being poured

Zymurgy: July/August 2021

Molded & Polished: Sake Making for Homebrewers

Making sake at home is no more difficult than brewing all-grain beer, but it’s a lengthy undertaking. The process might seem complex, but taking it one step at a time will reward the patient homebrewer with excellent homemade sake. This comprehensive guide teaches you how.

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mead honey

Zymurgy: July/August 2021

Traditional Mead Steps for Success

Traditional mead is mead at its simplest, but simple is far from boring. Join members of the American Mead Makers Association home governing committee as they share their tips for making your best traditional mead.

Recipes in this Issue

  • Doro Wot
  • Hairy Vetch Traditional Mead
  • Orange Blossom Traditional Mead
  • Countdown Brewing Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout
  • Fuller’s Chiswick Bitter Clone
  • PTQ Barbecue Rauchbier
  • Ethiopian Injera
  • Berbere

Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Dave Carpenter

Dave brewed his first batch in 2009 and started writing about beer soon thereafter. In addition to geeking out on beer and language, Dave enjoys hiking, traveling, and other gerunds as well. Email Dave