September/October 2022

The September/October 2022 Zymurgy magazine is now available! Check out featured stories including National Homebrew Competition 2022, Secrets of Success, Cider of the Northeast, and Skeptical Brewing part 5.

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About Zymurgy

Cover Story


National Homebrew Competition 2022

By Kristen Kuchar

In 2022, the world’s largest homebrew competition awarded 132 medals in 44 categories for homemade beer, mead, and cider. Here are the winning recipes and the stories of those who […]

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Zymurgy: September/October 2022

Secrets of Success

You know you’ve been bitten by the Competition Bug when you spend more on shipping than you do on ingredients. Here’s how to improve your chances of success in competition.

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Zymurgy: September/October 2022

Ciders of the Northeast

Apples and cider are woven into the history and agriculture of the Northeast. A combination of terroir and culture makes the ciders of New England, New York, and Pennsylvania unlike […]

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Zymurgy: September/October 2022

Skeptical Brewing 5

In the penultimate installment of the series, we examine precision, dry hopping, and fermenter design. What matters, and what is simple conjecture?

Recipes in this Issue

  • French Farmhouse Ale
  • I’ll Be Bock Barleywine
  • Twin Pines Piney IPA
  • Kvass
  • 44 medal-winning recipes from the 2022 National Homebrew Competition
  • Quince-y Jones

Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Dave Carpenter

Dave brewed his first batch in 2009 and started writing about beer soon thereafter. In addition to geeking out on beer and language, Dave enjoys hiking, traveling, and other gerunds as well. Email Dave