September/October 2023 Zymurgy Magazine cover
September/October 2023

The September/October 2023 Zymurgy magazine is now available! Check out featured stories including National Homebrew Competition Winners, Rites of Spring, Summer & Autumn, Return of the Great Pumpkin, Separation of Church and Beer, and How to Host a Cider Fest.

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About Zymurgy

Cover Story

National Homebrew Competition winners with medals

We Are Champions: 2023 National Homebrew Competition

By Kristen Kuchar

Get the gold medal recipes that were awarded in 40 beer, mead, and cider categories in the 2023 National Homebrew Competition.

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Person carrying large mugs of German beer

Zymurgy: September/October 2023

Rites of Spring, Summer, and Autumn

As summer heat gives way to cooler, shorter days of autumn, the shade of a chestnut tree invites one to enjoy a liter (or more) of beer with friends. The biergarten’s rich history tells the story of Bavarian beer itself.

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Top of a pumpkin

Zymurgy: September/October 2023

Return of the Great Pumpkin

Pumpkin beer—a wonderful but strangely polarizing style—is poised for a comeback, reborn with renewed vigor, with a chance to bounce back even stronger. Hop aboard the Great Pumpkin Express and brew your own!

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framed beer and church related pictures

Zymurgy: September/October 2023

Separation of Church and Beer?

Some of the most innovative leadership in Georgia’s brewing scene comes from communities of faith. An unusual intersection lies between the holy and the profane at the crossroads of church […]

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apple press with juice pouring out

Zymurgy: September/October 2023

How to Host a Cider Fest

At a cider fest, friends gather to crush apples and make cider. Such events offer many opportunities to enterprising cidermakers, but perhaps most valuably, they demonstrate that making delicious cider is simple and inexpensive.

Recipes in this Issue

  • American Amber Ale with Honey and Smoked Hops
  • Smoked Hop Oatmeal Porter
  • 40 medal-winning recipes from the 2023 National Homebrew Competition
  • Dive Bomb Bee Wheat
  • Return of the Great Pumpkin Ale
  • Nasty Woman
  • Clean Train Cider
  • Your Momma’s Moustache (Cereal Mash)
  • Rainier Cherry Cider
  • Your Momma’s Moustache (Infusion Mash)
  • Cyser
  • Spitless Chicha

Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Dave Carpenter

Dave brewed his first batch in 2009 and started writing about beer soon thereafter. In addition to geeking out on beer and language, Dave enjoys hiking, traveling, and other gerunds as well. Email Dave