How to Build a Mash Tun

Unless you’re using the brew in a bag technique, a mash tun is an essential piece of equipment when advancing to all-grain brewing. Mash tuns come in all shapes, sizes and materials, and the ideal vessel for you will depend … Read More

How to Build a Hop Oast

Growing hops at home is a common past time of the homebrewer. It’s a great way to be more hands on with your homebrew, to supplement some of the hops needed in your beers, and to open up the opportunity … Read More

How to Build a Temperature Controller

This dual-stage temperature controller is perfect for managing temperatures of your kegerator, fermentation chamber or keezer. It allows for a hot and a cool trigger to be individually controlled, so you could have your fermentation refrigerator hooked up to the … Read More

Party Time: Homebrew Club Bars

Drew Beechum is a past president of the Maltose Falcons and a frequent contributor to Zymurgy. This article appeared in the Mar/Apr 2008 issue of Zymurgy magazine. Ah, that satisfied smirk creeps across your face when pulling the very first pint … Read More

How to Make a Stir Plate

While there are multiple ways to grow yeast in a starter, one of the most effective is to use a stir plate. Stir plates utilize magnetic attraction to create a vortex inside a container of wort, keeping the yeast in … Read More

How to Build a Wooden 6-Pack Holder

Want a taste of the good life? Start your 30-day free trial and experience American Homebrewers Association membership! By William McEttrick, AHA Member I’m William from Massachusetts. I’ve been a homebrewer for over two years and, I enjoy DIY projects. I’ve seen other … Read More

Tim’s Super-Clean Kegerator Conversion

Having helped my father homebrew for the better portion of my life in our pseudo home brewery, the Barberton Brewing Company, I knew how to wash and dry bottles. He had brewed since the early nineties, and in some way, … Read More

Homebrew Hack: DIY Smell-Proof Airlock

I’ve fermented quite a few batches of beer, mead, and cider at home. Typically they bubble away in a closet or fermentation chamber: places where they are out of sight (and smell). It wasn’t until I had a 5-gallon batch of … Read More

The Poor Man’s Hop Spider DIY

I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my brewing processes without breaking the bank. Most recently, I’ve had my eye on the popular hop spider DIY project. This innovative design suspends a hop bag in the boil, allowing … Read More

Build Your Own Aquarium Bar

Dean Robb, Chris Harton and Brandon Luehrs all live together in Santa Barbara, Calif. The trio enjoys homebrewing and building projects, so they married two of their favorite hobbies and built a bar in their house. Oh, did we mention that this … Read More

Automatic Boulanger Bottling System

Guillaume Boulanger, director of production at La Barberie Brewery in Quebec City, has been homebrewing for a decade. He’s also a beer bottle lover, which explains why he created an awesome bottle filling system he calls the Automatic Boulanger Bottling … Read More

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