Tyson’s Grain Mill

My grain mill began as a practice project to hone my welding skills before I tackled my brew stand and pots. This was back in 2007, two years after I began homebrewing with extract. With no prior welding experience, I … Read More

Patrick’s Vintage Kegerator

Many Homebrewers enjoy DIY projects, especially Patrick Smith. Much like restoring vintage cars and motorcycles, restoring a vintage refrigerator is just as fun, and far less time consuming! Patrick decided to stick to his passion of homebrewing and restore a … Read More

Blatzhaus Electric Brauerei

Avid homebrewer Paul Blatz was looking to pimp his system when he came across ideas on TheElectricBrewery.com. When building a new house, Paul decided to incorporate a brew room into his home and was able to create a masterpiece of … Read More

Matt’s Backyard Tavern

In 2005, Matt Klein was in the market for a new home and found himself attracted to a piece of property with a large backyard and a shed with power, built-in air conditioning and a fan. The shed acted as … Read More

HEX the Heat Exchanger

American Homebrewers Association member Paul Wicksteed hails from Wellington, the craft beer capital of New Zealand. Avid homebrewer, Great Expectations club member, and aspiring nano-brewer, Paul has fully immersed himself in the art and science that is making beer. When … Read More

Whiskey Barrel Jockey Box

I’ve been brewing for about a year and have realized the intrinsic value of sharing my work with others. For me there is no greater satisfaction from homebrewing than receiving positive feedback from others. One of the challenges that homebrewers often … Read More

The Doghouse Brew Rig

AHA-member Clay Grogan began brewing extract batches back in the ‘90s, but went on hiatus until his wife suggested he dust off the old equipment and give the hobby another shot in 2010. It only took a few batches to … Read More

Son of a Fermentation Chiller

Ken Schwartz is one of the masterminds behind the popular Son of a Fermentation Chiller that is all over the DIY-homebrew forums. Ken discusses the inspiriation as well as the evolution of his fermentation chiller design in the following feature. … Read More

Geek Stir Plate

Let your geek flag fly! Daniel Schreffler, Pennsylvannia native, Wyoming Valley Homebrewers member, and AHA card-holder, took some old computer parts and set out to save some money on yeast by building his own stir plate. A few odds and … Read More

Backwoods Brewery

Michael Mitchem is the Vice President of the Beer and Ale Research Foundation (BARF) in Sulfolk, VA. He has been brewing for almost four years and is in his “rookie” membership year here at the AHA. Mitchem enjoys brewing based … Read More

Justin’s Kegerator Bar

Justin Wotring, a Michigan transplant currently residing in California, has been brewing for three years, is a recent AHA member, and an active member in the Addison Homebrew Provisions Club of Fullerton, Calif. After his wife gave him the OK … Read More

Conical Cooling System

After a colleague shared a homebrew in 2006, Lee was hooked on the idea of being able to produce beer at home for a reasonable price, with flavors and aromas he had never experienced before. Two years later, Lee introduced … Read More

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