Luck o’ the Homebrewer

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There’s no better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a mug of homebrewed beer.

Picture this: Your St. Paddy’s party guests arrive thirsty and then you open the fridge to unveil a keg of Irish-style stout and a few 6-packs of red ale. “I made this,” you say beaming with pride.

The end? No, this is just the beginning of your beermaking journey! Use the resources below to explore the Irish side of homebrewing.

If you’re new to homebrewing, be sure to check out How To Brew and our Homebrew Recipe Library.

Despite its reputation for being a whiskey country, Ireland has been a big player in the brewing world for centuries, and its influence can be found in some of the classic styles of today. Sláinte!

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6 Irish-style Red Ale Homebrew Recipes

This list of Irish-style red ale recipes includes medal-winners from the National Homebrew Competition and homebrew clones from craft breweries.

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The Home Brew Chef’s Stout-Cured Corned Beef and Cabbage

Shawn Paxton, The Home Brew Chef, shares a corned beef and cabbage recipe that incorporates a few pints of your favorite Irish-style stout beer.

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23 Medal-Winning Stout Recipes from the National Homebrew Competition

You know the recipe is good as gold when it takes home a medal in the National Homebrew Competition. Browse this list of stouts, including Irish-style dry stouts.

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Take the Luck out of Clear Beer with Irish Moss

Irish moss is used to make beautiful clear beers. Learn more about this intriguing brewing additive and how it aids in beer clarification.

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