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20 Award-Winning Fruit Mead Recipes

Browse through 20 fruit mead recipes that earned medals in past years of the National Homebrew Competition, the biggest amateur homebrew competition in the world! From apples and grapes to citrus and berries, these world-class fruit mead recipes are sure … Read More

Homebrewing with Spices: Ingredients to Mull Over this Holiday

This holiday season while you’re watching grandma make her Christmas pudding or strategically removing chunks of your kid’s gingerbread house, think about which spices would work best in your next winter specialty spiced beer, also called Christmas beer. If you’re ready … Read More

5 Oktoberfest Recipes to Brew at Home

Dust of those 1 liter beer steins and get ready for Oktoberfest! In celebration of the centuries-old beer celebration in Munich, we’ve compiled 5 tried-and-true Oktoberfest recipes to showcase the array of options when it comes to this world-famous style. There’s never … Read More

10 Articles to Celebrate Hop Harvest Season

By the American Homebrewers Association You don’t have to be in the beautiful Yakima Valley—the source of over 70% of the hops grown in the United States—to grow and harvest hops. Homebrewers and gardeners around the world tend to their own hop … Read More

9 Pumpkin Beer Recipes You Can Brew at Home

Everyone loves pumpkin beer, right? OK, maybe not. Along with New England IPA and pastry stout, pumpkin beers are probably among the most polarizing beer styles. But for those of you who embrace the gourd, we have 9 pumpkin beer recipes … Read More

6 New England IPA (NEIPA) Recipes from Craft Breweries

They’re hazy. They’re juicy. They’re hoppy. Browse through these 6 New England IPA recipes based off beers made by professional craft brewers! The following “clone recipes”—the term for homebrew recipes based on professional beers—comes either directly from the brewery or as … Read More

Lager Learning: 11 Seminars on Brewing Lagers

With advances in our understanding of lager yeast fermentation and the plethora of new equipment available to homebrewers nowadays, brewing lager at home is easier than it has ever been. Once considered “the last frontier” for homebrewers, many people find … Read More

8 Must-Try Stout Recipes to Brew at Home

From classic dry to spicy chai, we’ve compiled 8 different stout recipes that cover an array of directions in which the stout style can be taken. You can find many more stout and other beer recipes in our homebrew recipes archive. 1. Black is … Read More

10 Beer-Infused Recipes for Football Season

Are you ready for some football?! We put together a selection of appetizers that are perfect for football season. Each recipe incorporates beer in some way, which is a fun way to bring your favorite homebrews and craft beers into … Read More

25 Award-Winning IPA Recipes You Can Brew at Home

India pale ale (IPA) continues to be one of the most popular beer styles in America, making it little surprise that the IPA categories in the National Homebrew Competition—the biggest homebrew competition in the world—are always among the most-entered. Placing in … Read More

How to Make Hard Seltzer at Home

The following hard seltzer recipe is featured in How to Make Hard Seltzer: Refreshing Recipes for Sparkling Libations by Chris Colby. Hard seltzer is a booming category in the world of lifestyle beverages and many craft brewers are lending their artisanal … Read More

8 Homebrew Recipes for International Beer Day

In honor of International Beer Day—a worldwide celebration of beer styles, brewers, and drinkers—we are sharing eight homebrew recipes and articles on fermented beverages from around the world. These include “classic” beer styles, historical precursors to beer, and other fermented … Read More

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