Mead Day

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What is Mead?

Perhaps the oldest known fermented beverage, mead is made by combining honey, water and yeast. Sometimes referred to as “honey wine,” mead can range from sweet to very dry, and can be flavored with flowers, fruits, herbs, spices, vegetables or virtually anything you can think of.

Mead Day

Making mead at home is simple, and if you have equipment to make beer, you should be ready to make a batch of delicious mead!

August 1, 2020

Get in on the Mead Day buzz!

Organized by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) in 2002, Mead Day was created to increase mead awareness and foster camaraderie among meadmakers. Homebrewers and meadmakers around the world are encouraged to invite friends and family to celebrate Mead Day by making a delicious batch of mead together!

2020 Official AHA Mead Day Recipe: Coming Soon!

Spread the Joy

What better way to celebrate mead then by brewing a batch with your friends? The AHA has all the resources you need to make mead and teach others the secret of fermenting honey into wine.

Share the Experience

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