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Access the 30+ session recordings from Homebrew Con 2023 in San Diego. Topics range from beer styles, technical brewing processes, beyond beer fermentation, club/competition support, and more!

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Seminar Description
Advanced Mashing for the Homebrewer By understanding how to produce more efficient, fermentable, and stable wort for your beer, you can create delicious beverages!
Boza: Ancient Sourdough Fermented Drink Find out how to make boza, a fermented drink with a history dating back many centuries that has many health and nutritional benefits.
Brettanomyces: From Spoilage Organism to Rising Star! Learn all about Brettanomyces, including historical and contemporary brewing applications for homebrewers.
Business Plan Essential Prep: Your Checklist Join four craft beer industry professionals who have worked with hundreds of breweries to discuss laying the foundation for your business plan.
Butter on the Side: Controlling and Testing for Diacetyl in Your Homebrew Get into the greasy science of diacetyl production by brewers yeast and discuss how to keep the butter at bay in your homebrew.
Caesar’s Cervesia Explore the efforts to recreate the beer of Julius Caesar’s troops by using experimental archaeology.
Cultivating an Equitable Homebrew Culture through Competitions and Events Hear a discussion on why tapping into underrepresented communities is vital for the longevity of your homebrew club and competitions
Exploring Homebrewed Beers from Mexico Join members of two Mexican homebrew clubs as they present beers relevant to Mexico’s brewing history and ones made with Mexican ingredients.
Exploring the Wild Side of Spontaneous Fermentation The world of spontaneous fermentation is a blend of historical brewing methods, a unique reliance on mother nature, and a bit of luck.
From Nomad to Farmer: Brewing Local Join us in raising a glass of to redefining locality and how you can make the biggest impact with brewing local no matter where you live.
Fruit, Fruit, Fruit! A Practical Guide to Modern Fruit Brewing Techniques The recent proliferation of fruit beers has led to an explosion of new techniques, processes, and types of products to use in making the best fruit beers.
Gluten-Free Brewing: Industry Fireside Chat Listen to a fireside chat about some of the newest innovations, techniques, and dos and don’ts of gluten-free homebrewing.
Home Winemaking Winemaking, like beer or food, is part science and part art. Join 20-year winemaker Tim Tuttle in this session on home winemaking.
Homebrew Club Officer Bootcamp During this session, homebrew club leaders discuss resources and best practices designed to empower your homebrew club for success.
Homemade Salsa Varieties with San DiFuego Explore a wide variety of salsa and learn how to create your own salsa in this recipe-driven presentation.
How Sweet It Is: Brewing with Sugars Understand how sugar can change your beer’s character and considerations to make during recipe development.
Level Up Your Mead Game: Meadmaking Tips for All Brewers Explore modern meadmaking practices and advanced techniques, including challenges unique to experienced brewers.
Making Cider at Home This panel of cider makers provides tips for getting started, making cider year round, and scaling up production.
Managing Bitterness while Pursuing Significant Flavor and Aroma from Hot-Side Hop Additions This panel of cider makers provides tips for getting started, making cider year-round, and scaling up production.
Mastering the Mash: Control the Mashing Process to Produce the Wort You Want Homebrew mashing is as simple as mixing milled grain with water, but the devil and the angels are in the details.
Modern Hopping Techniques in West Coast IPA Join Denny Conn and Drew Beechum as they discuss the latest techniques and products for making stellar West Coast IPA.
No Alcohol, No Problem: Brewing and Evaluating Low-and-No Alcohol Beers Learn how to brew low- and no-alcohol beers at home and understand how and why their sensory profiles differ from full-strength beer.
Pro-Up Your Homebrewing: Practical Tips for Brewing Great Beer at Home Join Left Hand Brewing Company head brewer Gary Glass as he shares tricks and recipes to practically enhance the homebrewing experience.
Question and Answer Panel with Homebrewing Experts Join brewing author John Palmer, BeerSmith creator Brad Smith, and Grandmaster beer judge Gordon Strong, for homebrewing Q&A.
Serving Your Homebrew: All About Draught Beer Systems Learn the basics of beer draught systems all the way up to the most sophisticated and elaborate kegging setups.
Small Batch Brewing: Make Great Beer One Gallon at a Time Learn how small batch homebrewing is the perfect low cost, low barrier-to-entry way to begin making beer at home.
Surf the Raddie! Fantastic Activities All Clubs Can Do Join members of the Hogtown Brewers as they share ideas for your homebrew club to push your merry band of beer enthusiasts to a new level.
Taking Care of Fizzness: Understanding Carbonation in Beer Carbonation is one of the defining features of beer and impacts appearance, aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel. Learn the ins and outs of the fizz.
The Hunter of the Lost Beers: A Trip Back into Extinct Beer Styles of Germany and Its Surroundings Hear an overview of extinct beer styles in the German-speaking parts of Europe, understand why they became extinct, and learn how to brew them.
The Molecular Mechanisms of Taste and Aroma Dive into chirality, the structure and function of the tongue, soft palate, and structures of the olfactory system as they relate to brewing.
Traditional & Modern Cask Ale Techniques Explore the history of cask ales, traditional styles and techniques, and modern pursuits that benefit from being served on a cask.
Understanding Fruit and Mead Gain a deeper understanding of the controllable parameters of fruit, and leave with the ability to make genuinely incredible mead.
Using Statistics for American Porter Recipe Development Using four decades of award-winning homebrew recipes, Matthew Herrold provides guidance on brewing a world-class American porter.
Water, Water, Everywhere, But Only Beer to Drink This presentation is directed toward new homebrewers who would like information about making improvements to their water when homebrewing.
Welcome Toast & Day 1 Headline Session Relive the 2023 welcome toast, headline session with California Homebrewers Association’s Andrew Carter, and the AHA Governing Committee Recognition Award presentation.
Women & Beer Competitions Gain knowledge that will help you, your club, and your competition to give encouragement and direction to female and nonbinary homebrewers.
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