Research & Education Fund

Research and Education Fund
Want to research the effects of different beer yeasts in the same cider must? Curious if there a perceivable differences between a decoction mash from a non-decocted mash?

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) offers potential funding to support research that can be shared with the AHA membership through the Research & Education Fund (REF).

Download all completed REF-funded research on the Completed Projects page.


AHA members can submit a proposal to apply for funding to help support their research endeavor. In the proposal, members will be asked to identify their concept in detail, including a proposed budget request. Proposals are reviewed on a quarterly basis where a selection of research projects will be approved for funding.

Upon approval, research projects are refunded for the agreed value once a satisfactory write-up summarizing quality research has been submitted and accepted.

Completed projects are featured on and have the potential to be showcased in Zymurgy magazine. Completed projects can also be the source of content for future National Homebrewers Conference Seminars.

How to Enter

Updated: We are not currently accepting any new proposals until all of the current projects are completed. Thank you for your patience.

Entering is easy! Any AHA member is eligible, and we encourage folks of all backgrounds and expertise to submit proposals.

Simply fill out the proposal document completely. Submit the document by filling out the entry form, along with your basic contact information. The Research & Education Fund will be in touch on the business day after the stated evaluation deadline.

The Finer Details

Who can enter?

Any active AHA member can enter to receive funding for a research project. Members must be active at the time of submitting a proposal as well as the time of reimbursement. Clubs are allowed to enter proposals, but the main point of contact must meet the aforementioned criteria of being an active AHA member.

The Research & Education Fund is not intended just for high level academics. We encourage everyone with a research topic that could benefit the homebrewing community to submit a proposal!

How are proposals reviewed?

Proposals are collected and reviewed as a group, picking the top submissions for approval. The Research & Education Fund committee consists of volunteers with various technical backgrounds, who help vet proposals and offer their critiques. We select projects that are unique, well thought out and executable. Proposals that are not approved are held onto for future consideration.

How are reimbursements handled?

Reimbursement is intended for actual supplies and services (grains, hops, yeast, adjuncts, unique fabrications, laboratory analytics, etc.). Standard and/or readily available homebrew equipment on the market, as well as hobby labor, is not to be included in budget requests. We encourage entrants to consider seeking out support from clubs and other homebrew institutions to further supplement costs.

Upon submitting satisfactory research findings, reimbursement can be requested with the appropriate receipts. The Research & Education fund will consider approving partial funding upfront on a case-by-case basis.

How do I present my research at the National Homebrewers Conference?

Projects approved and funded by the Research & Education Fund often make great candidates for possible National Homebrewers Conference seminars. Proposals for conference seminars are collected a few months prior to the event. Please submit your proposal following instructions on and specify that your proposal is based on a completed Research & Education Fund report.

About the subcommittee

The Research & Education Fund subcommittee consists of representatives from the AHA staff and AHA Governing Committee members as well as AHA member volunteers. If you have questions please contact the REF subcommittee.