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20 Award-Winning Fruit Mead Recipes

Browse through 20 fruit mead recipes that earned medals in past years of the National Homebrew Competition, the biggest amateur homebrew competition in the world! From apples and grapes to citrus and berries, these world-class fruit mead recipes are sure to please.

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  1. Pinot “Newer”
    Pyment / Grape Mead
  2. Bucktart Cherry Mead
    Stone Fruit Mead
  3. Yeah, It’s Dumb. So What?
    Cyser / Apple Mead
  4. Purple Power
    Cherry & Currant Mead
  5. Scott’s Oak Cherry Mead
    Stone Fruit Mead
  6. Little Dark Heart
    Fig Mead
  7. An Uncommon Disaster
    Pineapple Chipotle Mead
  8. Lime Bastard
    Key Lime Mead
  9. Plum Crazy
    Plum Mead
  10. SRB Mead
    Strawberry, Rhubarb, Blackberry Mead
  1. Cherry Mead
    Stone Fruit Mead
  2. Key Lime Mead
    Key Lime Mead
  3. Veronica’s Sweet & Sultry Cyser
    Cyser / Apple Mead
  4. Strawberry Tupelo
    Strawberry Mead
  5. Adore
    Pluot Mead
  6. Blasphemy at Gobblers Roost
    Cyser / Apple Mead
  7. Apple Juiced!
    Cyser / Apple Mead
  8. Two Cherry Tupelo
    Sour Cherry Mead
  9. Eric’s Mead
    Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry Mead
  10. Chateau Fletty Barrel Select
    Pyment / Grape Mead

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