Homebrew Con 2020 Seminar Recordings Now Available

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Homebrew Con Recordings

Great new, everyone! The recordings from Homebrew Con 2020 are now available.

Head over the Homebrew Con seminars archive in our How to Make Beer section to access the new recordings along with over 430 other recordings from past Homebrew Cons. You’re sure to find a seminar on your favorite beer, mead, and cider making topics.

Recordings include the following:

  • Homebrew Con 2020 Keynote Address from Bailey Spaulding, CEO and Co-Founder of Jackalope Brewing Co. in Nashville, Tenn.
  • A Crash Course in Homebrew Mythology and Why it Matters
  • Ask The Experts
  • Brewing up a Non-Alcoholic Beer
  • British Fungus: Brettanomyces in British Brewing
  • Finings and Related Additions in Mead
  • Food Fermentation Concepts for Homebrewers
  • Hop Topic! Making Sense of Terpens, Thiols, and Biotransformation in the Quest for Unique Hop Expression
  • In the Kitchen with Vinnie & Natalie Cilurzo and Adam Dulye
  • Lager Brewing Techniques: Fermentation, Decoction mashing, and Hopping
  • Methode Traditionelle Brewing in the Champagne Method
  • Oven Beers: Historical Brewing Techniques
  • Practicing Precise Packaging Tips & Tricks for Bottling and Kegging
  • Recreating the Original India Pale Ale
  • Stewarding Quality in the Malt & Hop Supply Chain
  • The Science and Art of Blending Hops
  • The Wonderful World of Kveik
  • Using Common Sensory: Organizing Beer Sensory Experiences to Improve Your Palate
  • Wine and Cider Making for Homebrewers: How to Use the Equipment You Already Have to Make Hard Cider and Wine
  • Yeast Blending: Building the Perfect New England IPA

Access the Homebrew Con seminars archive.